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The game

About Multitris
Multitris is an online cooperative puzzle game. Best of all, it is entirely free. Try it out:

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Easy to play
Just start the game with the link above. You can play alone or with others. You can also use the online server browser to the right to auto-join new games or to look for active servers.

[arrows]     to move, drop or rotate your piece
[1-3]     to use powerups
[p]     to pause the game
[q], [tab]     to see the score board
[WASD]     alternate move + rotation.
[Space]     to drop piece.

For more information, see the multitris help. To host a game, port 5398 needs to be forwarded to your computer.

Multitris is a Java (tm) webstart game and so requires Java to play. If you don't have Java installed, don't worry. Installing it is very easy! Just go to and fetch it.

Authors and contact
Multitris was made by Group 23. Any questions are welcome to


Version 2.10 (Jul 25 2010) - (Theta) Bots now automatically replaces a disconnected player. Players can change their names in lobby (/nick <name>). Observers can replace an existing bot (/switch <bot id>). Added ingame statistics graph. While ingame (including after gameover) the host can write /restart to move all players and observers into the lobby.

Version 2.00 (Aug 20 2009) - (Eta) Added bots (/add and /remove in lobby).

Version 1.41 (Nov 7 2008) - (Zeta) Updated highscore feature.

Version 1.40 (Nov 6 2008) - (Zeta) Added highscores.

Version 1.31 (Oct 18 2008) - (Epsilon) Reduced lag spikes when observer joins, fixed Preview powerup.

Version 1.30 (Oct 7 2008) - (Epsilon) Added applet version, improved observer mode.

Version 1.22 (Oct 2 2008) - (Delta) Added minimap, fixed a few bugs, updated server list GUI.

Version 1.21 (Oct 1 2008) - (Delta) Added full observer mode. Also, minor GUI updates.

Version 1.20 (Sep 28 2008) - (Delta) You can now join games already running to chat with the players in that game.

Version 1.15 (Sep 24 2008) - (Gamma) Added split piece powerup, cooldown on nuke/gravity (so no double nuke).

Version 1.10 (Sep 22 2008) - (Gamma) Updated GUI, added anti-lag, fixed a few crashes, added alternate move (supports cw & ccw rotation).

Version 1.00 (Spring 2008) - (Beta) First version.

Server browser


Server Players

If you can't join a game from the browser, just click the "Play now!" link to the left and then "Join game" from the menu.


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